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Linking Words

14 jun

 linking words

As linking words são empregadas para relacionar idéias e informações em uma frase, estabelecendo uma conexão lógica. Essa palavras ou expressões são essenciais para que sua escrita e fluência verbal sejam naturais e claras, além de conferir elegância ao texto. Elas geralmente são separadas por categorias para facilitar a aprendizagem. Confira algumas dessas categorias e alguns exemplos:

Giving examples

  • For example – “Wear something simple; for example, a skirt and shirt.”
  • For instance – “They intend to provide information, via the Internet for instance.”
  • Namely – “Some groups, namely students and pensioners, will benefit from the new tax.”
Adding information
  • In addition – “People gain valuable work experience and, in addition, employers can afford to employ them.”
  • As well as – “I need to go to the bookshop as well as the bank.”
  • Also – “Not only is it a comfortable and stylish hotel, it’s also apopular meeting place.”
  • Moreover – “More and more people are opposed to the idea of increasing university fees.
    Moreover, there is nowevidence that it discourages many students from coming to the UK.”
  • Apart from – “I hardly know anyone in the village apart from William and you.”
  • Besides – “Besides making money, the company aims to set high standards of quality and design.”
Giving a reason
  • Due to / due to the fact that – “He almost died due to lack of oxygen.”
  • Owing to / owing to the fact that – “Owing to the rising cost of fuel, more people are usingpublic transport.”
  • Because of – “Because of the Asian crisis, the company’s profits fell by 15% during 1997”
  • Since -” You should talk to Karen since she’s the one responsible for authorizing payments.”
  • As – “As it was getting late, we decided to go home.”
  • In short – “Inflation is down, spending is up. In short, the economy is in good shape.”
  • In brief – “The plan is to change the radio station’s style: in brief, less talk and more music.”
  • In summary – “In summary, nobody knows where the disease originated.”
Giving a result
  • Therefore – “‘The new boots are lighter and softer, and therefore more comfortable to wear.”
  • Consequently – “They’ve increased the number of staff and consequently the service is better.”
Contrasting ideas
  • Although / even though – “Although he’s got a good job now, he still complains.”
  • Despite / despite the fact that – ” He still loves her, despite the fact that she left him.”
  • In spite of / in spite of the fact that – “In spite of feeling tired, we decided to go out.”
  • While – “While most children learn to read easily, some need extra help.”

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