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Dicas para escrever e-mails profissionais em inglês

01 nov

e-mails profissionais em inglês

Hoje você confere algumas dicas para escrever e-mails profissionais em inglês:

  • Make that subject line clear: The subject line should be descriptive and rarely include a complete sentence – unless it is necessary. A good rule of thumb is to keep it to no more than 50 characters. Here are some examples of effective subject lines: “Your requested information”, “Preliminary schedule for the conference” “Agenda for next week’s meeting”.
  • Don’t CC everybody: When you send an email to someone, it is not absolutely necessary to ‘cc’ (send a copy to) your boss or other members of the team every time.
  • Attach documents that are relevant: The attachments may take time to open, may contain a virus, or may require a program your recipient does not have. You should only include attachments that are absolutely necessary and relevant to the email. Include some reference to the attached document within the main body of text (“Please find attached…”).
  • Clearly state your purpose: State the purpose of their email early on (“I’m writing to let you know that….”). This gives a clear indication to the recipient whether it is something urgent that requires immediate attention or something that can wait.
  • Don’t SHOUT: Writing in capital letters IS LIKE SHOUTING in email language. The best way to emphasize a date or hour, or any particular piece of information is by making it bold.
  • Abbreviations: There are some abreviations that are used very often in Business English, like ASAP or FYI, but these are of standard use. Make sure you differentiate business abbreviations from those that are more informal, like those used in text messages or SMS. When in doubt, it’s better to spell it out. 
  • Keep it short and easy to read: Writing an email is not like writing a letter. Sentences should be shorter, just like paragraphs.
  • Close the email with complete contact info: In addition to the usual closing (Regards, Sincerely, etc…) you should add a more complete email signature that includes phone, email or other relevant contact info. It will give their emails a more professional touch.

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