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Como usar both, either e neither

29 mar

Nossa dica de inglês dessa semana é sobre como usar as palavras both, either e neither. Confira:

We use both/either/neither to talk about two things or people:


     + = BOTH

Both means one and the other.


Rosemary has two children. Both are soccer players. (= both children)

A: Do you like rock or pop?

B: Both. (= rock and pop)


    or = EITHER

Either means the one or the other


Would you like tea or coffee? You can have either.

          = NEITHER (not + either)

Neither is used to mean none of two or more.


A: Do you want to go to the movies or the theater?

B: Neither. I want to stay at home. (= not the movies or the theater).


Outros exemplos:

Ann has two sisters and a brother. Both sisters are married.

Last year I went to Paris and Rome. I like both of them very much.

There are two ways from here to the station. You can go either way.

I read two books but neither of them was very interesting.

There are two pictures on the wall. I didn’t like either of them.


Essential Grammar in Use. Raymond Murphy. Cambridge University Press. 

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